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Frequently Asked Questions

Adapters and Scales

‣ Do you sell complete DRO kits with scales and display?

No, we sell only the adapter units. You will need to source a set  of compatible DRO scales and an Android tablet that meets TouchDRO system requirements.

‣ Which scales and/or touch probe should I get for my machine?

Please see the Recommended Scales and Touch Probes

‣ Will TouchDRO Adapter work with my DRO Scales?

TouchDRO supports the majority of modern TTL and RS-422 DRO scales. Please refer to the Supported Optical and Magnetic DRO Scales page for more information.

‣ Can I use rotary encoders with TouchDRO?

Yes. TouchDRO can work with TTL and RS-422 encoders with 5V NPN or Push/Pull output. 

‣ Can I mix scale types or resolutions with TouchDRO?

Yes. You can mix glass and magnetic scales, RS-422 and TTL scales, and scale resolutions. 

‣ Will TTL scales or scales without a reference track work with TouchDRO?

Yes. The RS-422 input drivers used by the TouchDRO adapters can gracefully handle TTL inputs. 

‣ What is the difference between TouchDRO TDA and TDK adapters.

TDK adapters are sold as partially assembled kits, while TDA adapters are sold as fully assembled units and offer additional features. Please see the Adapter Comparison page for a detailed list of differences and feature explanation. 

 ‣ Can I add tachometer or touch probe inputs myself to an adapter that doesn't come with them?

No. The adapters that have touch probe and tachometer support use a different firmware. 

Orders and Shipping

‣ I provided a wrong address during the checkout. Can you change it?

Unfortunately we are not able to change the shipping address on an existing order. Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel the order.

‣ When will my order be shipped?

We ship most orders within 2-5 business days, unless stated otherwise on the product page. 

‣ Where will the TouchDRO order be shipped from?

We ship all orders from our location in the Portland, Oregon area (USA).

‣ How much will the shipping cost to my location?

Shipping charges are calculated at checkout and depend on your location and the shipping service you select.

‣ Do you ship to my country?

If your country is listed in the drop-down list on the checkout page, we will ship there.

‣ Are import fees and tariffs included in the price?

No. You will be responsible for any import fees, tariffs, taxes, etc. 

‣ Can you mark down the unit price in the customs declaration, or mark the shipment as a "gift"?

Absolutely no. We will declare the actual purchase price of the units on the customs forms.

Warranty and Returns

‣ I just received a new TouchDRO adapter and it's not working. What should I do?

We fully test every single adapter before shipping it, so it's very unlikely that the adapter is defective. Please ensure that your scale pinout is correct and that you are connecting to the right adapter. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact us.

‣ Do TouchDRO adapters come with warranty?

Yes. The pre-assembled TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic scales (2022 model) and TDA-4xx adapters (2024 models) come with 5 year parts and labor warranty. Partially assembled TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic and TDK-40 kit come with 1 year warranty on components that we assemble. DIY kits are sold as-is.

‣ My adapter stopped working. How can I get it fixed?

We stand behind our product. Please contact us to arrange return shipping. Even if the adapter is out of warranty, we will likely be able to repair it. 

‣ Who pays shipping for warranty repairs?

We'll inspect and test the unit, and if we determine it's covered under warranty, we'll refund your [reasonable] return postage costs and either replace or refund the item at our discretion.