TouchDRO Adapter DIY Kit (Unassembled)

TouchDRO Adapter DIY Kit (Unassembled)

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High performance four-axis do-it-yourself TouchDRO adapter kit for glass and magnetic scales. Supports RS-422 and TTL DRO scales and tachometer input.

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TouchDRO TDK-40 is an easy to build 4-axis DRO adapter kit that supports RS-422 (differential) and TTL (single-ended) glass and magnetic DRO scales and other 5V quadrature encoders. It uses the same powerful 32-bit architecture and differential input circuits as the TDA-4xx adapters and offers the same speed and performance. Learn more

Note that the kit requires soldering and mechanical assembly. If you are looking for a fully assembled unit, please see the Adapter for Glass and Magnetic Scales



Please see TouchDRO Adapter Feature Comparison for more information.


TDK-40 supports up to four RS-422 or TTL scale inputs and is designed to work with most modern optical and magnetic DRO scales.

  • Partially assembled TDK-40 main board
  • ESP-32 DevKitC module preprogrammed with TouchDRO V3 Lite firmware
  • Custom 3D printed enclosure kit
  • A set of DB9/D-Sub 9 female connectors with mounting hardware
  • 4x2 pin headers and pre-crimped jumper wires for connector wiring


The TDK-40T kit is similar to the TDK-40, but adds support for a tachometer input. The kit includes two additional parts:

  • 4-pin Mini-DIN PCB mounted female connector
  • 4-pin Mini-DIN male plug

Compatible DRO Scales

The adapters support DRO scales and rotary encoders that output 5V quadrature signal. This includes the vast majority of modern optical, magnetic, and inductive scales. Learn more